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This is an invitation to start living the life you were meant to live.

Imagine this... it's Monday morning and you wake up with so much energy and excitement to start your day. Before getting out of bed, you check your phone and feel a huge smile stretch across your face because as you were sleeping you earned money! And the best part? It was by doing what you love!

You can't help but jump out of bed and feel so grateful. In only a few months, you've completely changed your life. Your health, sleep, stress level, financial situation - everything has changed - all because you were brave enough to start being your authentic self. This renewed sense of purpose has a fire burning inside of you that has you so lit up!

Some people might look at you and just think you were at the right place at the right time with your "life by design" schedule, thriving online business, fulfilling lifestyle and incredible passive income that provides for your family...

But the truth is, you know it has nothing to do with luck. Fortunate? For sure! But only because you believed in yourself enough when you saw the Becoming Authentically You opportunity and jumped on it with a clear vision, a growth mindset and a grateful heart... and your life hasn't been the same ever since.

Feeling this way about your "dream life" is NOT far fetched and I should know...

Because it's MY life. I design my own schedule, spend my days developing educational and meaningful content, work with incredible leaders, coach others to create a healthy lifestyle, go on family vacations and have a business that supports my family... even when I'm not technically "working".

So when the opportunity came for me to share this lifestyle with others, I jumped into it with open arms and a full heart - which is how Becoming Authentically You came about.

But let's back up a bit and start from the beginning...

I fell in love with cellular nutrition more than 2 years ago.

The multivitamins, omega 3's, vitamin D and probiotics were introduced into my life and quickly became a staple in our family's daily routine. The way they make me feel and the boost in my overall health has been completely game changing. My morning smoothies are perfect for my active lifestyle and such a simple way to ensure that my body's getting the nutrients it needs. And the skincare products? Let's just say that I've never found something with such a perfect blend of science and natural beauty enhancing ingredients that's left my skin feeling so youthful and radiant that it glows!

But I quickly learned that not all health and beauty products are created equally.

If you know me, you'll know that putting "clean" foods and products into and onto my body is a non-negotiable and the nutritionals, smoothies and skincare were no exception... that's why I proudly partnered with USANA Health Sciences, a company repeatedly awarded for its purity and potency manufacturing practices.

I became obsessed with these products and so it didn't take long for me to start recommending them to my friends and family.

They were having such a positive impact on my life that I wanted everyone to look and feel the way I did. For so long, I'd experienced a state of being that I thought was "healthy" and "normal" and it wasn't until I started incorporating these high quality products into my life that I realized I could be feeling and looking even better.

It was in that moment, with a grateful heart and the desire to help others, that I decided to partner with my mentor Lina and USANA and add network marketing to my portfolio.

It's funny how things happen and beautiful opportunities just seem to fall into your lap. Lina and I were introduced by a very sweet and close friend of mine. She saw our potential and I'm forever grateful for her loving me enough to reach out to Lina and connect us... and I'm so glad I was open to listening.

I jumped right in with both feet...

Of course, being a former teacher, educating, planning, creating and reflecting are a part of who I am. I threw myself full-hearted into the industry and committed to helping every single person who partnered with me to build a thriving business based on residual income.

That's when 

Becoming Authentically You 

was created...

Becoming Authentically You is a business mentorship program that makes starting your USANA business as simple, convenient and "duplicatable" as possible, even if you're new to the entrepreneurial world like I was.​

In the process of building my own business, in addition to working with Lina and other extraordinary USANA leaders, we've created an incredible collection of resources - including videos, presentations, checklists, templates and so much more!

We saw these amazing tools and got excited, really excited. It was a way to coach one of the most successful and fastest growing network marketing businesses that would work for anyone, regardless of experience.

So we've got it all here for you - an easy to follow system that's available digitally so that you can learn, share and grow!

This is basically a digital business kit.

We've developed a program that you can implement right away. You'll have all the tools you need to get your USANA business up and running. No playing around, no wasting time, no guessing - all the right tools to get you into immediate action.

Here's a peek at what the

Becoming Authentically You business mentorship program includes:

  • Designing your USANA vision and creating a list of people you'd love to work with

  • Setting goals that excite you (aka make you want to jump out of bed every morning)

  • Tips and tools on how to start sharing your love of USANA products with your family and friends

  • How to host educating and inspiring events (face-to-face or online) and includes invitations, presentation scripts, scheduling tips and more

  • Healthy and nutritious recipes to share with your team and clients along with e-books and fun challenges

  • Become a master of listening to others so that you can offer a solution to help them and how to inspire your team to do the same

  • How to attract your dream tribe and foster a team-oriented culture so you can all grow together

  • How to build a strong team, structure your organization and leverage so that you can maximize the compensation plan

  • A list of the most common challenges and how to overcome them (we've done all the hard work for you!)

  • Access to our weekly team trainings (learn from our top leaders)

  • Access to our USANA in-person and online exclusive trainings 

  • Membership to our Facebook team page

  • And so. Much. More.

It's the most detailed, yet simple and effective way to crush your goals. Plus, it's developed along with leaders who are earning 7-figure businesses, so you know it WILL work.

And there's more... every single person who joins your USANA tribe will get access to this system. And what about the person they team with? Yup, they get it too, and so on and so on and so on.

And guess what! You get access to this entire training program as a gift     (completely an added bonus!) when you enrol and start up your health and wellness biz with us.

I know, I thought the exact same thing too. But you know what, you're already doing what network marketers do - we all do.


Remember that movie you saw and loved? And how you told your friends to go see it? Or what about the amazing shampoo you bought and couldn't stop telling your mom about? You see? That's network marketing in action. Sharing things you love is at the heart of network marketing. Just think, how many purchases have you made after someone you trust recommended something? Too many to count, right?

Now think about this - imagine you actually got paid for telling people about these products that you genuinely swear by and trust? How amazing would that be?!

That's all network marketing is... recommending products you love and trust.

"Ummm, I'm not really sure if network marketing is for me?!"

To be honest, there's really no other opportunity as life-changing as this.

To start your biz in network marketing, there are two fundamental things:

a company you trust and a product you love.

USANA exemplifies this year after year after year. It's a company that values integrity, high quality ingredients and a passion to help others live their best life. They lead with their hearts and the desire to create a world free from illness and disease.

  • The raw ingredients are the safest and highest quality, sourced from around the world. (Fun fact: Each nutritional goes through hundreds of quality assurance tests before it gets shipped directly to you!)

  • The manufacturing standards of USANA's nutritionals are the exact same as the ones pharmaceutical drugs HAVE to follow, so you know their purity and potency game are 100% on point (and that's not standard for health and wellness products in North America. USANA volunteers to have their products go through these same rigorous processes because quality matters that much). Hence, zero recalls in their 26+ year history.

  • They're used and trusted by some of the world's most elite professional athletes and associations, including the Women's Tennis Association, the US Ski and Snowboard Team and Speed Skating Canada. (Yup, that's right - we use the same vitamins as Serena Williams!) When someone's body is their business and they trust USANA, you know it's legit.

  • They offer an Athlete Guarantee that promises if ever a banned substance is found during a blood test in one of the athletes, that professional player, along with their whole team, will be compensated with up to $1 million! (And just for the record, it's never been paid out.)

  • They walk the walk and talk the talk. At their head office in Salt Lake City, Utah, there's an employee gym where everyone is encouraged to have fun and stay active. The entire building is designed with eco-friendly features like a roof that traps rain that then waters the plants on the ground (because it's a dessert in Utah). Lights turn off in hallways and rooms where no one's working, they have stand up desks to keep energy high and the corporate team regularly participates in fitness challenges and team-building activities. 

  • Have you ever watched Dr. Oz? Well USANA's products, scientists, associates and even the CEO, are regular guests as it's one of the trusted sponsors of The Dr. Oz Show. (Yes, they're total A-Listers!)

  • And if that isn't enough? The True Health Foundation, which is USANA's nonprofit charity, provides shelter, food, vitamins, education and medical support to people living in developing countries. It's one of the most giving charities in that 100% of every dollar goes directly to the charity because USANA covers all the administrative costs.

So as you can see, this company is nothing but pure heart! Partnering with USANA is one of the best decisions I've ever made and I consider myself very fortunate to be aligned with such an outstanding community. I would never share something if I didn't believe whole heartedly in it.

To be honest, there's really no other opportunity as life-changing as this.

The incredibly abundant USANA model already offers so many ways to increase your wealth through leveraged income and the Becoming Authentically You business mentorship program simply enhances that.

The icing on the cake is that you're not just creating more wealth in your life - you're also providing more choice... which we know is just another word for more freedom.

Picture this: Because of the successful business you've created, your partner is now able to work from home if he or she would like. You've also been able to place your parents into your business so that they never have to worry about money again. Because of the residual income, the people you care most about are also enjoying more freedom and choice in their lives.

If you could, who would you like to set free?

But, please know this opportunity is NOT for everyone. 

We're not being exclusive, but the Becoming Authentically You business mentorship program is not the right fit for everyone and it's to protect both of us. This is not for you if...
  • You're already a USANA associate - if that's the case, please reach out to your mentor and ask them for support, that's your best bet!
  • You're not a person of action - we know it stings to hear this, but if you're not self-motivated and hungry for change, no business training system on the planet can help.
  • You're not a team player - being uber competitive is great, but not when it leads to jealousy or insecurity. Everyone is on their own journey and so the only person you should compare yourself to is who you were yesterday.

However, the Becoming Authentically You program is PERFECT for you if...

  • You're inspired by collaboration, working with like-minded people and following the path you know you were meant to take.

  • You're a total goal-getter. You have a growth mindset, you're committed, coachable and hungry to learn.

  • You're not afraid of the word "no" and in fact, when you hear it, you understand that it just means "not yet" and you keep going!

  • You get lit up at the thought of more freedom in your life, and not just in terms of your time, but your income, well-being and so much more.

  • You love USANA's nutritionals, shakes and skincare products and are so crazy about them that it's borderline obsession. Trust me, it's a real thing.

Having the freedom to change someone’s life for a healthier and wealthier future is very rewarding. I've been given the opportunity to build a business that works around my family, supports my vision for better health, wellness and wealth, all while having an inclusive team of like-minded individuals supporting me every step of the way. Being a part of Becoming Authentically You has given me a sense of self-worth, boosted my confidence and has helped me build long lasting relationships, all of which I'm extremely thankful for.

Francis Maheras

Jennifer F.

So Beautiful, if  this opportunity lights you up inside and you're looking for a partnership that will change your life, your family's and the people you care about most, we'd LOVE you to join our tribe.

Enter your name and email below and we'll connect with you one-on-one to get you started.

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